Solid Edge Simulation and PLM Connection

By MarkBurhop

I’m happy to say there has been a good deal of interest in Solid Edge Simulation by customers. To help with some information flow, I’ve uploaded last year’s PLM Connection presentation to Slideshare. When I gave this, SE Simulation had not yet been released and the demo’s were many people’s first view of the product.

Of course, you miss some of the live demos and interaction you might have had at PLM World but at least you didn’t have to travel for this.

If you are thinking about PLM World this year, I’ll be back talking about Simulation. For many people, FEA is the new CAD* so this is a good chance to try out the product and talk to others about using FEA in your company.

For the people that have already purchased Solid Edge Simulation, I’ll include some new material on using the product. This is also a good time to talk about future versions and what additions you want to see.

* I think I heard this first from @bcourter on twitter. Quite a few FEA folks starting to show up there.

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