Solid Edge in motion

By DavidChadwick

Feel the excitement around products designed in Solid Edge! Our new video captures your designs in motion, from electric vehicles to the mars rover, and from exoskeletons for children with disabilities to skis for Olympic competitors. And find out more about how our customers are using the built-in motion control, kinematic analysis and animation capabilities in Solid Edge to improve the performance of their products and showcase their designs to potential customers.

The Mars Curiosity Rover is powered by a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator designed by Teldyne energy Systems
The Mars Curiosity Rover is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator designed by Teldyne Energy Systems

The Razor Crazy Cart, Edison 2 and Greenpower specialized vehiclesare focused on fun, speed and skill building respectively. And for the ultimate in portable power supplies Teledyne Energy Systems used Solid Edge to design the power system for the Mars Curiosity Rover that has been surpassing all expectations for performance and longevity in the hostile environment of Mars. Ten Kate Racing and Local Motors use more conventional, but highly developed, internal combustion engines and Solid Edge plays an important role in the design process for both of these companies. Dr. Tariq Rahman designed an exoskeleton that helps children move and control their limbs; the exoskeleton “takes gravity away” for children with a variety of conditions that result in reduced muscle strength.Using Solid Edge together with 3D Printing he has developed a low cost and flexible design-through-manufacturing solution that means that more children can be supplied with these devices.And Solid Edge is being used to design Stockli skis that are helping to win Olympic medals on the snow slopes.

Solid Edge has excellent tools for motion analysis, from simple motion control in assemblies to kinematic and dynamic analysis of your designs. It also includes tools to create beautiful rendered animations of your designs in action. For an excellent introduction to the basics of motion control using standard Solid Edge capabilities, including motor controls, interference checking and safety zone calculation you can watch this video on assembly motion that our channel partner Ally PLM presented at Solid Edge University 2014. For kinematic analysis you can use the Simply Motion capabilities that are included with Solid Edge and for more comprehensive dynamic analysis you can use Dynamic Designer Motion from our technology partner Design Simulation Technologies. After you have optimized the kinematics and dynamics of your products you can market them to potential customers using impressive rendered animations that clearly show the value of your designs. Solid Edge includes excellent tools for creating these animations – an example is shown below – andyou can find out more in our Solid Edge Motion Simulation whitepaper.

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