Simulation Driven Design Debate – We agree with our customers!

By MarkBurhop

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. We’ve got some interesting technology partner activities going on (stay tuned) and I’m trying to get an earlier start on Solid Edge University 2013. However, when I saw Chad Jackson and Jim Brown were covering one of my favorite topics on their #Tech4PD videos I had to do a post.

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This week’s debate is on Simulation Driven Design.  The topic?  “The vision of using simulation results to drive design decisions has been around for some time. The advantages and benefits of simulation are self-evident. But, who are the key roles to enable the change: engineers or analysts?”

My experience as both a Femap and Solid Edge user is that a lot depends on the customer’s situation.  It might even change within the company or around the particular FEA problem you are trying to solve.

The great thing from my perspective is that theSiemens PLM Velocity portfolio really covers you regardless on what you think is the best solution.  On the one hand, we have Femap, a powerful analyst’s tool that is used for all types of FEA problems.  There is no CAD to get in the way, just pure FEA goodness. Go ahead, push those individual nodes and elements around.

But if you think Integrated FEA for your CAD based engineers is better, we also have Solid Edge Simulation.  Modesty aside, it is both the easiest and most CAD integrated FEA tool out there*,  It is also built on Femap and NX Nastran technology giving you a strong base you can trust.Because of this, you can even save Femap files to send to your analyst just in case the engineer gets over his head or wants to do a little extra checking.

So, go ahead, listen to the debate.  We have you covered no matter who you think should wear the pointy Spock ears.

* Keep in mind “Easy and Integrated” are wonderful since it cuts down your software training and lets you cycle quickly when geometry changes.  It does not teach you FEA. Make sure your engineers still get some training in FEA theory.

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