Siemens PLM Software celebrates Engineering Week

By NikPakvasa

We salute Engineers everywhere. We join them in the celebration of Engineering Week.

Engineers are invisible. They work in their corner and create the most amazing things…things that matter to us. Engineers design, and build innovative things that touch, enhance and change the world and make us more productive.

Engineering has become more complex because products and processes are more complex. A decade or so ago “engineering” was done at single geographical location. Engineering has gone global. Engineering is a creative process but also collaborative process.

Besides creative process, Engineers are now faced with the challenges of finding and managing engineering models, drawings, customer requirements, compliance documents, international standards, and collaborating with internal design and manufacturing teams, suppliers, and customers. Engineers today deal with more data, communicate with more people, meet more regulatory compliance requirements, cope with more complex engineering change processes, become more innovative, design faster and do it at lower cost!

Recognizing these challenges engineering CAD/CAE/CAM software vendors developed product data management (PDM) solutions in 1990s, and these PDM systems have evolved over the past few years into product life cycle (PLM) system.

PLM systems, like Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software, enable engineers to capture, manage, control and collaborate information throughout project’s life cycle – from the project portfolio planning to project requirements phase, to project design and build phase and service phase. Program execution and project management is also integral part of PLM system.

With PLM engineers can evaluate more ideas because PLM systems allow engineers to validate new design concepts very quickly against the context of the overall design. Engineers can do design review by visualizing and doing spatial analysis of complete design in 3D. Engineers can validate new design against customer requirements. They can also conduct live customer design reviews over the Web. They can validate their design against environmental compliance. The potential benefits are huge.

If you want to see some very cool things that are done by Engineers, check out some of these videos. These are stories by our customers, in their own words. They are truly amazing stories!

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