Robcad Release Update – Version 9.1

By Tim Egloff

This is a guest post from my colleague Zvika Weissman.

Today we are releasing Robcad version 9.1.

Robcad has been very successful by supporting the simulation of some of the most complex robotics scenarios -typically robotics body-in-white production lines of the Automotive OEMs.

This latest release focuses in the following aspects:

  • IT enhancements

  • Usability improvements

  • Quality improvements

IT enhancements include support in newer versions such as Windows 7, MSDev 2010 (for those who use ROSE applications), Exceed version 14, NX version 7 and others.

Usability improvements include items such as license borrowing tools improvement, improvements in the Paint application, such as robotics path improvements and realistic paint thickness distribution graph with adjusted minimum offset, Path Editor improvements, new information displayed in the Properties dialog, and new option of image preview generation for list of cells or components.

Quality improvements include mainly fixes of bugs reported by customers.  For example – Pack & Go has been enhanced to support Fanuc virtual robots or RobcadDoctor now displays all installed patches, and many other improvements associated with functionality in the areas of CAD, Data, General, Help, Motion, OLP, ROSE and others.  Detailed information is available in the release notes.

It has been quite a long time since I was Robcad 3.7.1 (!) Release Manager and still it is impressive to see how Robcad generates high value for our customers.

Zvika Weissman

Tecnomatix Product Marketing Manager

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