Research in Brewing Production

By Markus Erlmann

If you like beer, this might interest you 😉

At this year’s Tecnomatix Plant Simulation User Meeting, Mr. Voigt from the Technical University of Munich talked about using material flow simulation to optimize the bottling machines of breweries. These bottling machines are high complex machines and they even are build out of multiple different machines. So, we might even talk about a bottling line instead of one bottling machine. A down-time of one of the machines of such a line will immediately result in high costs. Therefore Mr. Voigt is looking for ways to improve the overall reliability of the bottling line. Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is used to build a simulation model of the whole line. Multiple different scenarios are simulated, analyzed and used to optimize the bottling line.

Besser brauen / Better brewing

In addition these models are also used during the lessons, so that the students’ right from the beginning get an impression of the bottling line and can see the effect of decisions they make while they change the line.

Here is a short video with Mr. Voigt talking about his work.

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