QRCode City!

Welcome!You have found the secret link to QRCode city!

I did this on my own time with some help from my wife and daughter (I can’t paint). It is 100% a learning experiment with QRCodes, 3D models, and to see if anyone would actually get to this blog post from the QRCode. Maybe it will go viral on Pinterest!

OK, probably not. I’ll be happy if someone just finds this post.

Since this is the Siemens PLM blog, I need to point out the original model was created in Solid Edge ST5, our wicked cool latest release. If you have any of a number of high end CAD systems, you can get a neutral version from GrabCAD to modify and create your own version.  If you need some high end CAD software at a good price, I might check out Local Motors and Design1. Also check out the contest they just started.

If you are not quite ready to jump into the high end tools, the good peeps at Tinkercad let me host a version of this model at their site.  If you have a WebGL supporting browser (I like Chrome but Firefox is good too), you should be able to create your own 3D QR codes and upload them for 3D printing to a number of services.  Here are “blank” 3D QR codes to get started with.

Speaking of 3D printing, the model above was created with the Stratasys uPrint SEplus.  This is a nice little FDM workhorse of a 3D printer that is also popular at universities. If you are a student, talk to your school. The models paint well too 🙂

As for creating your own QR codes, this site has a list of generators: http://2d-code.co.uk/qr-code-generators/

Here are a few more images of the 3D QRCode, some real, some rendered.There are probably some other things you might do with one.

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