NX7 Part 5 – CAM Update

By JerrySarfati

This is the 5th post on the new items in NX7.  (my apologies for taking so long to get to the CAM items.   In case you’ve forgotten, Part 4 is here)

In today’s post, I will review some of the new applications in NX 7.5 Manufacturing.

NX 7.5 CAM introduces a new application, NX Turbomachinery Milling, for programming complex blisks and impellers

In addition, NX 7.5 CAM offers major enhancements, including feed rate optimization, interactive programming and extended feature based machining.

Turbomachinery Milling

NX Turbomachinery Milling offers a set of automated functions that simplifies the generation of smart 5 axis tool paths for blisks and impellers. Process-specific NC programming functions help you produce safe 5-axis tool paths that result in faster machining times, better surface finish, and longer tool life.

NX7 Impeller Machine Setup
NX7 Impeller Machine Setup

The new application steps you through the process of programming with specially designed operations for 5-axis roughing, rest milling and finishing of blades, splitters and hubs.

Here is a video demonstration:

Smooth-flowing 5-axis tool paths can be created directly on imported 3D models even though the data may be less than perfect. No need to define geometry, create new surfaces or remodel parts. This capability alone can save hours on a single job.

Other New Technology and Enhancements

NX 7 offers new and effective technology to enhance NC programmer productivity.

  • Feed rate optimization, automatic adjustment of feeds and speeds for maximum tool life

  • Tool path based simulation, for fast and simple validation

  • Extended Feature-based Machining, for greater levels of NC programming automation

  • Interactive programming control, for the fastest manually-driven tool axis and tool path control

Have you attended a local NX7 event yet?   If so, let me know what you think.


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