NX Synchronous CAE;  Part 2

By JerrySarfati

In Part 1 of my NX Synchronous CAE post,  I touched on how an analyst can make simple changes to non-NX design geometry to prepare the model for analysis. In this post I want to share how you can use Synchronous Technology “features” in NX as CAE design variables in an optimization study. This is helpful for both designers who need to involve CAE upfront in their designs and analysts who need to communicate with those designers. 

In typical analyst tools, the analyst performs optimization on the FE mesh.  After optimization is complete, the mesh needs to be interpreted back into geometry, which requires the designer to make changes manually from the analyst’s feedback..

Wouldn’t it be nice to use actual geometry features as design variables?  This can be done easily with Synchronous Technology in NX, as shown in this video.

This results are time savings for the analyst and clearer communication of the changes back to the designer.

Stay tuned for parts 3 & 4 where we’ll cover fast geometry changes for what-if analysis and fluid domain extraction for CFD analysis.


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