NX CAM in Canada

Are you like me and want to clean up stuff you currently don’t need and place it into storage container? Most of them are transparent so that I could see directly what’s in it. I do have several ones at home, some contain Christmas decoration, ski clothes or other stuff which I do not need all the time. Did you ever think about how they are manufactured?

Mostly injection molding machines are used to heat up the plastic material and squeeze it into a mold. Moules Mirplex Inc. located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., Canada designs and manufactures these molds using NX, NX CAM and the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D controller. Interesting to mention, the mold design and the tool path creation for the NC machine tool take place concurrently. This and the NX capabilities for mold design lead to an overall result of a 35-percent reduction in the time it takes to deliver molds.

Moules Mirplex Inc. is featured in the Manufacturing Automation Magazine. BTW: there is a nice picture of our digital human model Jack on the cover page.


For more details about NX CAM or Tecnomatix Jack just visits the product home pages. More information about how Moules Mirplex Inc. is using NX and NX CAM can be found here.

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