NX CAE 8.5 – Sneak Peek #2

By SiemensPLM

As we inch closer to the launch, allow me to reveal another exciting new feature that will arrive in the box with NX CAE 8.5.

Meet NX Shape Optimization – the newest addition to our steadily growing arsenal of specialized optimization instruments, aimed at structures.  This new capability will automate and simplify the process of subtly massaging contours and radii in your design geometry to achieve optimal performance.  Engineers have for decades made minute tweaks to the shape of a part to enhance structural behavior, or reduce stress concentrations.  The traditional approach paired engineering judgment with great patience – to endure the often torturous cycle of trial and error that ensued.

NX Shape Optimization changes the game – finding and eliminating all the implausible solutions in the background while you accomplish other tasks (or enjoy a tasty lunch).  The only interruption you’ll have to put up with in your busy day is being presented with the optimum candidate – not too bad.

Here are some comments surrounding this new capability, obtained at our recent beta testing event.

Shape Optimization

Before signing off allow me to briefly highlight the difference between shape optimization and topology optimization for anyone who may have the two confused.  Shape optimization was described above.  In topology optimization, you take a part and try to redistribute its underlying material so that it performs better, or you try to take material out (usually to make the part lighter, and your boss happier) without suffering a reduction in performance.  This equally neat capability, dubbed NX Topology Optimization – is already part of our existing toolbox.

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