NX CAE 8.5 – Sneak Peek #1

With only a few weeks separating us and the release of NX 8.5, it’s hard not to feel the momentum intensify.  As we tee up for the launch, I’d like to share a glimpse of what you can expect from the exciting new rollout of NX CAE 8.5

Successful parts result from being engineered with their systems of end-use in mind.  For instance, you will probably do a better job designing an audio receiver, if you know the specs of the speakers it will be paired with.  The engine and transmission that form the basis of the powertrain in an automobile – same story, they need to be designed so that they align to create the right performance synergy.  This notion of designing components in the context of the overall system is what we call systems engineering in today’s world.  Put simply, it is the act of  ‘not designing in isolation, parts that will act in conjunction.’

Systems engineering has been a core component of our solution philosophy from the very beginning.  With NX CAE 8.5, we further embrace the idea with our FE model in-context feature.  This capability, quite simply, allows you to perform operations on a finite element component model, while continuing to simultaneously view and reference the overall finite element assembly. The nifty feature was hit at our recent beta testing event, as you can see from the video clip below.

FE Model in-Context

Stay tuned for sneak peak #2.  Got a comment?  Don’t hold back.


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