METAV: Medical Devices and Machine Tools

Demographic change and healthcare is one of the megatrends engineers all around the world looking for innovations for. People are living longer and want to remain mobile in old age. One piece of a solution for this, are unique implants like artificial knee and hip joints. These implants are mostly made out of titanium and cobalt chrome, as they are very durable. The challenge is to manufacture and machine sophisticated and unique implants in a short time from these difficult materials.


At this year’s METAV which is one of the big machine tool fairs with over 700 exhibitors, you can take a look at how these implants get manufactured. There is a special booth focusing on the medical devices industry: “Metal meets Medical“. You can see the design and virtual manufacturing of an artificial knee joint.


Once you turn around the knee joint is manufactured based on the results of the virtual manufacturing.


Well, not much to see here. Without the cooling water it might look like this.


For more details and case studies visit the Machinery and Industrial Products Solution homepage and take a look at NX CAM.

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