Joe Gibbs Racing Facilities – NX CAE Symposium

By JerrySarfati

Following is another report from Mark, at the NX CAE Symposium


After the day’s presentations, attendees of the 2011 NX CAE Symposium were invited to participate in a tour of JGR’s facilities.  Mark Bringle of JGR led the tour, educating and amusing us all with fabulous NASCAR race car build facts.  Being an engine enthusiast, I was intrigued by the 800+ horsepower capable V8 engines that are at the heart of these racing machines.  This remarkable output culminates from 5.8 liters of displaced volume, 12:1 compression, highly restriction-optimized induction and exhaust ducting, and the use of 100% ethanol fuel (E100).


It was eye-opening to learn of the highly structured program employed for pit crew member recruitment and training.  These crucial members of the race team are often former professional athletes, and undergo grueling development routines comprised of weight training, video analysis, and repetitive pit stop practice runs.  Mark elaborated that tire changers typically have a limited-time pit career, succumbing eventually to back trouble due to the awkward body maneuvering required by the job.

After the day’s formal agenda, attendees were treated to an evening of food and beverage, and go-kart racing!  The top eleven racers from the various events were then given the opportunity to compete in a final race – with an Apple iPad as the grand prize.

[Eleven finalists pictured below]


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