Injection Molding? Checkout Simpoe

By MarkBurhop

Susan  Cinadr,  our tireless Solid Edge marketer and fellow blogger was in China a few weeks ago and got to talking with some folks from the Simpoe company.  Simpoe does plastic injection simulation software so she encouraged them to talk to me. After some quick intros, I got a copy of the software and have been doing plastic injections examples in my spare time the last few days.

Simpoe is based in France but recently expanded to the US a few months ago.  They also have their own blog which you can find here.  Especially check out the last post they did on “SimpoEdge is the natural choice for Solid Edge users!”

When they contacted me, I already knew who they were… not just because they are fellow meshers, but because they have a “wicked” (“Super” in French 🙂 ) integration with Solid Edge. You can hardly tell this is a third party application.

In the image here, you can see Simpoe creates a new tab for their commands and a new “pathfinder” or navigator for managing the data.  This is very similar to Solid Edge Simulation itself.  At the top, you can see a Wizard Mode that will walk you through the analysis. Not being a Injection molding specialist, this is what I used.

If you have need of plastic injection simulation, be sure to check out their site.  You can get a free express version if your needs are simple or you just want to tryout the integration.

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