How Duraldur saves time and money with virtual testing

By AlRobertson

Duraldur specializes in the production of cast and molded pistons for the world’s leading engine manufacturers, for all types of engines from farm machinery to Formula 1 racing cars. For Duraldur, a key contributor in determining the validity of a design is the use of simulation software, particularly in developing the piston’s profile which is essential to prevent seizures. Starting from imported CAD data, Duraldur uses Femap to determine the combined effect of thermal and mechanical loads on the piston and verify whether it’s likely to fail in real-world conditions. If a piston seizes, the whole cylinder has to be thrown out and, in some cases, even the base of the engine resulting in unsustainable cost. By using simulation to predict the behavior of the design this risk can be minimized.

Another interesting point about this case study is that Duraldur also uses Femap to present the results to its customers as proof of the proposed solutions validity. This helps give the customer confidence to proceed with the project.

Duraldur Piston Temperature Distribution

You can read the full Duraldur case study to find out more about how the use of CAE software helps Duraldur save time and money.


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