Femap: we’ve turned it up to 11

By AlRobertson

OK, perhaps not exactly like Spinal Tap’s volume control, but today we’re very happy to announce that Femap 11, the latest version of Femap CAE software, has been released to manufacturing.

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Femap 11: Surface from Mesh

Femap 11 brings improved performance, enhanced postprocessing capabilities, and extended analysis support – find out more…

The highlights…

External results files:

  • You can now attach the Nastran results data file to Femap without having to import the results data which means data access is much faster, much less memory is used used during postprocessing and the Femap model file size is kept to a minimum.

Watch the external results files demo

Graphics performance enhancements

  • Femap 11 graphics performance is significantly improved for dynamic rotation of large models, as Femap can now takes advantage of the graphics card memory directly.

Analysis extensions

  • Femap now helps out with setting up external superelement creation and assembly runs making it easier to transfer model data confidentially.

Watch the external superelement support demo

Create geometry from mesh

  • With this new geometry creation capability you can take a legacy FE model and use it to create new geometry. Then you can make any necessary modifications and updates and remesh to create a new model – a much easier and faster way of updating old models when you don’t have the underlying geometry.

Watch the add cutout to model demo

Watch the remesh model with coarser mesh demo

XY plotting

  • With Femap 11 the XY plotting capability has been streamlined and extended giving you greater flexibility and control of XY plots for results reviewing.

Watch the new XY plotting capability demo

NX Nastran integration and customer driven enhancements

  • Version 11 also includes many other enhancements that are driven by our customers and which serve to strengthen Femap’s pre- and postprocessing capabilities as well as further strengthen Nastran integration.

Watch the NX Nastran integration demo

Watch the customer driven enhancements demo

You can find out more about this release in the Femap 11 Fact Sheet, and on the Femap 11 website.


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