European Tour Part III

ScreenHunter_01_Apr__24_02__40__thumbToday, I’m in at the Siemens PLM Connection for the Netherlands trying to take maximum advantage of the volcano extended stay in Europe. Derrek Cooper has suggested I come up with a @Burhop European Tour shirt. Branden Loock was reminded of the Griswald’s European Vacation and I’m tempted to do the roundabout around the Arch de Triumpe just to complete the picture.

Jokinging aside, the extension has turned out to be a big positive for me. I’ve been able to “make the connection” (I think this is marketing’s new catch phrase grin ) with many more designers, customers, and resellers than was possible in my original trip. Yesterday, I was part of what I thought was a very successful roundtable in a packed room talking about work being done for Synchronous as well a large number of customer requests we addressed in ST2 and are looking at for ST3.

It’s good to have a direct, open discussion with people viewing the product from all aspects both to help solve existing problems as well as to helping guide the development of the product in a way that benefits everyone. In addition I was able to expose more people to Solid Edge Simulation as well as get much more feedback from those already using it. I don’t know if any of the meeting participants are reading this blog but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this went. Was it useful? Should we do more of this?

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