Elvis Has Left the Building

Someone here started calling Solid Edge ST “Elvis”. I got an email last week that “Elvis has left the building”, referring to the release of our new product to manufacturing.

Solid Edge ST does have a lot in common with Elvis. Solid Edge ST was born just down the road from where Elvis was born. Elvis made a huge impact in music with his form of “Rockabilly”, the fusion of some great music ideas added to his own personal style. Sold Edge ST will make an impact in the CAD world because if its own unique style. Elvis was flashy. If you’ve watched the videos of Solid Edge ST or seen the effort marketing has put into this release, you’d probably agree Solid Edge ST is flashy too. Elvis’s unique way of doing music was controversial at first. Getting rid of the history tree in CAD is controversial too.

Perhaps the biggest keys to the success of Elvis were his talent and his fans. I know there are some talented people that worked on Solid Edge ST, so come see “Elvis” live and maybe you will become a fan too!

BTW, Solid Edge ST, English, is now available for download at: http://ftp.ugs.com/download.php

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