Could you be a Siemens Community Catalyst?

By Rachel Hartley

We’re initiating the Siemens Community Catalysts (SCC) program to recognize and reward a select group of Siemens community members, who consistently distinguish themselves through contributions to the extended Siemens community. 

Read on for you how you can participate in the selection process or become a Community Catalyst yourself!

Who are the SCCs?

Committed to manufacturing and engineering excellence, innovation and progress for themselves, their industry and their peers, Siemens Community Catalysts represent, serve and lead our global community in their own unique ways.

They’re the people you rely on, respect and admire because of their contributions and character.

SCCs are…

  • Design, engineering and manufacturing experts, who are knowledgeable about Siemens Digital Industries Software products and constantly seek to improve, excel and innovate
  • Motivated by helping peers and willing to dedicate their own time to do so out of their own goodwill
  • Respected professionals who are active in their industry and invested in seeing it become more effective, innovative and socially responsible
  • Noteworthy thought leaders who share their vision and expertise as speakers, presenters and writers across business, social and educational contexts (online and off)
  • Passionate, as we are, about digitization, collaboration and what the future of work could be, and to that end, willing to give SISW feedback and guidance, as well as promote SISW products and solutions to peers

And last, perhaps most important, SCCs find personal satisfaction in helping others, solving problems, even sticky ones.

Maybe that’s you!

We appreciate all the ways that community members show up for each other, the industry and the ever-changing world. 

With the launch of the SCC program, we seek to bring visibility to the impact that individuals are making, to strengthen the bonds among us, and to help members, like you, from all over the global Siemens community, to more effectively learn from each other and to excel in your respective and interconnected fields.

Ok, let’s get into the details of the program.

What are the benefits?

If you’re an SCC, you’re a giver. You lead by example.

In addition to your contributions, we want to extend the following benefits* —


Relationships are not just the heart, they are the engine of community and of personal and professional growth. SCC’s are offered these opportunities to foster mutually beneficial relationships that lead to greater impact, influence and growth for everyone. 

  • Access to a private SCC community group with dedicated Community Manager
  • Opportunity for 1:1 or 1: few sessions with Execs, Thought Leaders and Product Team


Recognition is an important aspect of the SCC program. The SCC digital badge signals that you are a member of an exclusive and respected community group.

  • Announcement of award
  • Digital badge (on community + version for LinkedIn, personal web properties)
  • Featured story on the community / blog / podcast
  • Alumni designation after term ends

SCC Perks

There are perks to earning the title of SCC, including early access to products, SCC swag, and community privileges

  • Not for Resale (NFR) Products
  • Enhanced privileges within the community
  • Support to enhance online presence / profile

*Please note: all program benefits are subject to change

What do SCCs do?

SCCs contribute regularly and meaningfully to the Siemens community, as well as to the broader ecosystem, and act as the Siemens community standard when it comes to generosity of spirit, know-how and professionalism. Community contributions include: 

Exhibit Community Leadership

  • Consistently participate in the community ecosystem (e.g. start / answer discussions, marks best answers, share best practices or insights)
  • Host or co-lead online events
  • Create content (e.g. blog posts, podcasts, tutorials)

Provide feedback and insight

  • Participate in monthly Community advisory board meetings
  • Provide Product Roadmap input / feature validation
  • Open to participating in beta testing / special projects

Advocate and promote Siemens products

  • Share Siemens DISW content on their social channels
  • Share Advocacy credential on all business / social profiles

SCCs also participate in SCC Program activities, including a regular cadence of meetings with a mix of themes, including 

  • Product updates
  • Siemens business updates
  • Trending topics
  • SCC networking sessions

How do you become an SCC?

SCCs are nominated by Siemens staff and the community. You can self-nominate too! The Siemens Community Catalyst (SCC) award is valid for one year, with the opportunity to re-qualify each year or to be granted Alumni status. 

Employees are not eligible for the award, and the SCC Program does not imply, create or represent an employment relationship, nor the expectation of compensation

We kicked off with a pilot program in January with 19 members who are playing a large role in helping shape and design the program to it’s final state.

Nominations have re-opened now through April 8, 2022. We are looking for the next SCCs to join the cohort in time for a full program launch around Realize Live.

To recap, as briefly as I can:

  • We’re kicking off the SCCs program to recognize, reward and connect a select group of Siemens community members. 
  • SCCs are nominated by Siemens staff and the community via this Nomination Form
  • Nominations for the first cohort for the pilot program have closed.
  • Nominations for the second cohort for the full program launch at Realize Live are open until April 8, 2022.

We’re really excited about this, and hope you are too! If you have any questions, please reply to this post or email the SCC team at

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