Connection 2013 – Tecnomatix Day 3 Recap

In case you’re paying attention, there was some activity on Day 2, but I didn’t have a chance to give you a recap.  There was one Tecnomatix related session in the Teamcenter Community track.  Nathan Grzymkowski, Product Manager for Dimensional Planning and Validation (DPV) gave a great presentation on how DPV leverages the collaborative power of Teamcenter Community to share real-world measurement results with the enterprise.  Want to learn more?  Visit the DPV product landing page.

One other bit of news from Day 2; I happened to be busy Tuesday morning, doing a Teamcenter session demonstrating the latest capabilities of Teamcenter.  Believe it or not, yours truly did a product demonstration on Issue Management and CAPA. Go here to get more information on this product.

So on to Day 3…

The Tecnomatix track kicked off with a presentation by Al Hufstetler, VP Product Management, Manufacturing Engineering Solutions.  Al gave the crowd an overview of the latest enhancements from Tecnomatix 11 and showed several customer case study examples of how our solutions are driving lean productivity throughout their manufacturing operations.  Highlighted by Al was the 4D planning and analysis solution which streamlines the planning processes for large structure assembly such as ships. It’s a fact: you cannot afford to move a 400 thousand pound section one day and have to move it back the next.

Second on the agenda was Kishan Chalumuri, Senior Engineer at Caterpillar Inc. for Virtual Manufacturing.  Kishan’s presentation titled “Value of Virtual Manufacturing in Factory Development”, showed some truly amazing results (if you’re a PLM World Org member and you attended this year, you can get your hands on his presentation right now) in what he called their design/space validation process: 3 to 5 days of shop floor process design down to one hour process execution.What I found most intriguing was how Caterpillar applied lean strategies like value stream mapping to their validation process which drastically boosted productivity in manufacturing.  These guys get it!

Next Yahel Aricha, Product Manager for Manufacturing Process Planner, described in detail the latest enhancements based on the Tecnomatix 11 release and the just announced Teamcenter 10 release.  Yahel went into detail on the value of enterprise bill-of-process and how it is leveraged for global production of platform-based architectures.

Yahel highlighted the fact that Ford Motor Company won an award this year from Manufacturing Executive Leadership for Manufacturer of the Year, Large Enterprise for their work on this valuable solution.

The final three sessions:

Larry Bemis, Senior Director, QA and Deployments for Manufacturing Engineering Solutions held a forum for users showing the work we’ve done to improve software quality and user productivity.

Maya Laxer, Product Manager for the Tecnomatix Work Instructions solution, showed the details of how we’re enhancing operator understanding and safety with standard text, 3D visualization and on-demand access to the latest information.

Final session of the day came from Connell Gallagher, President of Cortona 3D.  Their technology leverages the manufacturing bill of process from Tecnomatix to create animated 3D work instructions in a powerful way.

That’s it for Day 3.  I’ll be getting some tweets out on Day 4 as we have some quality sessions coming, but will be doing my own presentation on Issue Management and CAPA (if you’re here, come see me!).  I’ll get my wrap-up for Connection 2013 out on Friday if the work hasn’t piled-up too much, but keep an eye out, I’ve got more video from this event that I can’t wait to share.

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