Chuck Demos Teamcenter Mobility at PLM Connection

I am here at the Siemens PLM Connection, Americas User Conference 2011, the annual gathering of Siemens PLM Software customers and partners in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Chuck Grindstaff, President, Siemens PLM Software, is delivering his keynote speech. He is talking about Teamcenter Mobility, and doing a demonstration of Teamcenter Mobility on the iPad. The audience of nearly 2000 attendees is loving it!

Chuck Grindtstaff talking about our open for business approach at Siemens PLM Connection 2011

The Apple iPad has captured the imagination of the world.   What makes the iPad so attractive is its usability, interactivity and the thousands of apps.  I am hooked. As far as I am concerned this is a game changer. The iPad, and the larger wave of tablets, has captured the imagination of business leaders.We want to find new problems we can solve with this new paradigm. This has fueled tremendous innovation in new applications. There are apps now that we couldn’t imagine a few years ago. People have found new ways to solve problems, communicate and collaborate on projects.

The iPad has brought a casual but richer experience for PLM practitioners and future users of PLM information.  Teamcenter Mobility – which provides the ability to access PLM data on the iPad from anywhere, anytime — has generated a lot of interest. We believe our customers will find new ways to leverage and democratize product intellectual property (IP). Here are some examples:

  • Engineering Management – Most managers are on the go. They are visiting customers, partners, suppliers or remote engineering sites. They can now have at their fingertips the latest product release schedule, open/closed ECO’s, digital mock-ups of products and lists of issues. They can flick through project schedules, cost variances, product designs, etc., and they can also zoom into specific details if they need to. They are able to make decisions based on complete and up-to-date information.

  • Sales – This will allow our salespeople to use visual imagery of product models, and show different configurations to their customer so they can have a more engaged discussion with the customer. The customer’s issues and ideas can be captured right there and then, so they can be sent to the engineering department for evaluation and cost estimation. This can improve sales productivity, customer intimacy and confidence, and provide engineering unambiguous input.

  • Services – Our customers’ service people working in the field can now access the right version of product configurations and visualize the product and in minute detail . They can communicate/collaborate with engineering and order the right version of spare parts.

Teamcenter Mobility

These are initial days of Teamcenter Mobility. Not many customers had chance to review it within their organization and look for ways to empower their people. I am sure our customers, over time, will find many innovative ways to leverage Teamcenter Mobility and solve problems we haven’t  yet imagined. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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