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If you are reading Dora’s Engineering Week posts the last few days, you may have seen some comments by Scott Wertel on the flexibility of an engineering degree, how social media can help you connect with others,  and even the importance of ethics and ideals in the profession.

Interestingly, while he was writing this, I was in the process of changing positions from the Solid Edge Simulation product manager to the director of 3rd party ecosystems for Velocity. So what does this mean?

As far as this blog goes, things won’t change too much. I tend to deviate off the Solid Edge Simulation path quite a bit already. In fact, some of my more popular posts were on things like social media or on third party providers like KeyShot, SolidMastermind, and Simpoe.

That brings me to my new position where I will be working with our development partners as we try to bring a better more functional experience to our customers. I’ll be focused on everything from better integration with our software to more visibility for partner products to any number of new ideas that make for a better ecosystem.As a former software developer (another place engineers can work), I can talk API’s and new technologies all day. Most of you know I’m big time into social media and I know a few things about CAD and FEA too 🙂

Now one thing I have learned in working with customers and in social media is that you listen first. This means I need all kinds of information from developers using our API, from customers that make use of any of the integrated tools (waves to Jason Newell), and from 3rd party companies developing and selling products that integrate with Solid Edge.  What do you like about working with us and our tools? What don’t you like? What do our competitors do well?

So, call me, send me an email, tweet to me, leave me a message on my Facebook wall or via Linkedin, whatever. I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

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