Captain Eureka versus the Volcano

By MarkBurhop

European Tour, Part II

As you have seen from my post last week, the Icelandic volcano has caused my flight home to be canceled. Fortunately, Siemens is big worldwide company and finding things to do has not been hard.
Yesterday, I drove up to Brussels Belgium to catch the Siemens PLM Connection for Benelux. They started with a very impressive video on Siemens showing all the company has accomplished over its long history.
But what was even better was this guy, Captain Eureka…


It was a very futuristic video. In the future, everyone speaks Dutch so I didn’t know what he said but I’m sure it was something about how great Solid Edge is grin

Jeff Walker, product manager for all of Solid Edge was supposed to present here today but as you might guess, his flight was canceled. So I stepped in and am quickly ramping up on the rest of Solid Edge so I can give a 30 minute talk.

Right now, Edwin Severijn is Vice President and Managing Director for Siemens Industry is giving a short talk at the kick off presentation talking about 2008-2010 economy, what is new with Siemens PLM, and how we “never let a customer fail”.


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