CAMWorks for Solid Edge. Embedded CAM is here!

By MarkBurhop

The CAMWorks booth

When I took over working with the “Solid Edge Ecosystem”, I talked to many customers asking about what technologies they most wanted to see in integrated with Solid Edge.  The biggest request by far was for an embedded CAM solution.For this reason, I’m extremely happy about the new CAMWorks for Solid Edge product from Geometric (See the press release here!)

This was not a trivial need nor was it trivial to implement. From the Siemens PLM Side, many people had to step up in support of our Technology Ecosystem. Geometric had a prototype fairly quickly (smart developers, I think) but this is always just the start of created a quality, robust product. The end result looks great!

I snuck in with some of the beta testers in Huntsville a few weeks ago going though some training. I’m no CAM expert but the combination of synchronous technology with Geometric’s feature recognition and tool-path regeneration was extremely impressive.  I spoke with a couple of the beta testers at SEU13 yesterday after they have had a chance to cut some real parts and they are very complementary.

This is something you definitely want to see for yourself. If you are still at SEU, do that here.  Otherwise, here is a youtube video to get you started:

There is much more info to come so be sure to visit the CAMWorks for Solid Edge page to learn what is new.


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