Al Dean of Develop3D at PLM Connection

By Dora Smith

Usually the CAD/PLM editors and analysts get to ask the tough questions. I like turning the tables on these folks and asking a few not-so-tough questions. They have a unique perspective since they get briefed by all the vendors in our industry.  They attend user group events, like our PLM Connection, where they can also discuss the latest technology directly with the folks who use the technology.

While there is always ongoing debate between “traditional” editors/journalists and new-world bloggers about content depth, I find most editors have been actual users so they can see both the technological side of things and put it in perspective.

One such gent is Al Dean, co-founder and editor-in chief of Develop3D, a technology magazine that tries not to focus too much on the technology ;-). I remember thinking Al was crazy to launch a magazine when quite a few were folding in our industry. Maybe he is crazy but his magazine has been quite successful and is like a great consumer product – its industrial design has a stunning look and feel and readers don’t even realize the geeky technology behind it.

Al notes in the video some of the subtlety of NX:

“There is something about NX. It’s always had a incredible rich set of geometry modeling tools, just the way you can play with shapes…the pure creation of shape…quite subtle in how it’s different…something about NX that always works very efficiently.”

Here is Al’s more complete NX 7.5 review.

On social media, Al is quite active on Twitter with 9,641 tweets as of a few minutes ago. I can think of only one other industry pundit – Josh Mings – who has tweeted more! While Al can’t quite quantify the usefulness of Twitter, he finds the ability to get very quick feedback valuable as a content publisher.

Follow his tweets or read the Develop3D blog and ask Al your own tough questions. To see Develop3D for yourself, download the latest issue.


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