A small slice of Hannover

One of the first ‘Siemens’ memories I have was last year when I got the chance to go to Hannover Fair (Hannover Messe if you are a local).  The acquisition had been announced but wasn’t quite closed and I spent the week before doing some integration work (that is as boring as it sounds) and then got the chance the next week to go to my first Hannover.  If you’ve never been there all I can say is words can’t describe the scale of it all.  It’s like 27 McCormick places (Chicago) or Cobo Halls all on one large parcel of land.  My feet got tired just walking from the train to the main entrance!  What amazed me even more is the scale of the displays.  There were two story motors, large vehicles and three story booths.  The Siemens booth was certainly on par with everyone else and this year it looks like we took it to the next level. 

In this short clip of our President, Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, from the show floor this year you get a glimpse of a full auto assembly line running in the background – that was all in the booth this year.  Having started my career in the golden age of big trade shows in the U.S., its interesting to see that these mega-shows (which have mostly died off here) still pack them in elsewhere.  Who says globalization makes everyone and everything the same?

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