How to integrate Digital Design Transfer between engineering teams

By Christina Rucinski

Introduction to Operational Excellence

Ensuring quality and regulatory compliance while also delivering best-in-class medical devices has never been more important. Operational Excellence for Medical Devices enables operational agility with real-time visibility, control and speed throughout the manufacturing process. This can take teams from average production to higher quality and more efficient production.

Going from design to production is not a single act. When done correctly, design transfer of a medical device occurs throughout the entire design process. Going digital does not only mean accessibility but also includes quality insights and decision-making support for engineering teams. Digital Design Transfer can help to improve communication between R&D and manufacturing engineers.

Operational trends in the industry

Bridging the gap between design and manufacturing is essential. With the increasing complexity of medical devices, companies are facing a challenge in preserving design integrity. Many teams still use document-centric methods that are siloed and disconnected. This can lead to errors.

Maintaining engineering and manufacturing bills of materials in disparate systems can cause inefficiencies when product designs are updated. Now is the time to unify the global design transfer processes between engineers.

Benefits of Digital Design Transfer

Establishing a digital design transfer system that easily accommodates teams that work remotely or are dispersed throughout the globe is critical. With the “new normal,” many team members are not in the same location. Switching design transfer to make the process digital can help give users the capability to access documents anywhere.

Quicker changes result in a quicker ramp-up in production. Data and products can be easily deployed or moved between lines and plants. Digital Design Transfer can help companies with faster validation, improved efficiency, reduced risk and saved time.

To increase operational efficiency, lower costs and maintain quality, learn more about Operational Excellence for Medical Devices.

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