IIoT and manufacturing analytics: How to provide quality insights into real-time data

By Christina Rucinski

In the medical device industry, there is always a balance between focusing on meeting medical device regulations and keeping pace to bring new products to the market. Productivity is important now more than ever as device design and regulatory standards become more complex. However, with the growth of big data, new tools are available to take the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and manufacturing analytics to the next level. These tools can digitally collect and centralize information that goes beyond the design history records to help medical device manufacturers boost their efficiency.

What is IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics for medical devices?

At Siemens, our Operational Excellence solution provides many proactive quality insights and decision-making support based on manufacturing and product quality data. Our solution enforces regulatory-compliant manufacturing operations while enhancing the ability to define, schedule, execute and assure manufacturing processes.

The IIoT gathers and standardizes mass amounts of real-time machine data and helps users accurately analyze that information. Companies can then better manage, optimize and predict business operations and processes to improve efficiency.

Our IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics solution for medical devices enables teams to refocus on actively identifying actionable issues rather than having to focus on managing documents. By connecting virtual development and production planning with real support and lifecycle production data, companies are equipped with the transparency and advanced tools required to gain a competitive edge.

How to add value to your business

What can IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics for medical devices do for your team? Here are just some of the benefits of the solution.

  • Condition monitoring
  • KPI management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy-use management
  • Feedback on design and simulation
  • Inventory, warehouse and supply chain control

Benefits of our Operational Excellence solution

To succeed in today’s marketplace, companies must integrate data from the design and development processes, manufacturing output and supply chains across the entire enterprise. IIoT and Manufacturing Analytics does more than just monitor physical assets. It connects web- and enterprise-based systems to push the value of IIoT beyond the shop floor.

Our Operational Excellence solutions can help teams:

  • Increase reliability by defecting deviations in real-time
  • Reduce costs by lowering downtime
  • Maximize uptime of critical assets
  • Gain transparency into asset health and performance
  • Increase product yield and throughput
  • And more!

Learn more about how to leverage IoT and Manufacturing Analytics today.

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