Sail away this summer with our Marine on-demand webinars

Did your long-awaited seaside holidays get cancelled? Do you wish you were sitting on a sandy beach, sipping a piña colada while listening to the waves crashing on the shore?

Fear not. If you can’t go to the sea, we’ll bring the sea to you. This summer, we have concocted a special cocktail of marine webinars, which are now all available on demand. Be ready to learn how digitalization is enabling some of the most exciting, innovative and vanguard projects the marine industry has ever seen!

  • INEOS TEAM UK: Developing the ultimate racing monohull for the 36th America’s Cup
    Leveraging the digital twin to innovate better and faster.
    Access the on-demand recording here.
31st October 2019.’Team INEOS UK’. The British Americas Cup team, skippered by Sir Ben Ainslie. Shown here in action whist training the Solent on their race yacht ‘Britannia’.Photo: Lloyd Images

BAR Technologies: Maritime innovation series

  • Maritime innovation series “over the sea”
    Applying learnings of America’s Cup foiling, simulation and optimization technology to non-racing vessels to enhance hull performance.
    Access the on-demand recording here.
  • Maritime innovation “on the sea”
    Wind is the free fuel for tankers and bulk carriers. Applying integrated design and engineering software tools to develop WindWings, a novel green propulsion system.
    Access the on-demand recording here.
  • Maritime innovation “under the sea”
    Designing, building and testing one of the most innovative craft in decades: SubSea Craft’s revolutionary VICTA Class Diver Delivery Unit, which combines range, speed and stealth to deliver outstanding operational capability.
    Access the on-demand recording here.

Now sit back and relax. Can you feel the sea breeze?

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