Try the JT Toolkit for 60 days – Free

Start your JT Toolkit trial today to explore how you build JT support into your products or use cases. The JT Toolkit is a read/write C++ API that enable access to all data found in a JT file.

The JT Toolkit Free Trial Includes:

  • The complete JT Toolkit C++ API with support for PLM XML generation of JT structures

  • Full documentation and example programs that demonstrate common JT programming requirements.

  • Read / Write support for all JT data segments including; LOD’s, Properties, Attributes, PMI and Precise XT Geometry definitions and ULP

Platform Support:

32 bit platforms: Windows 7 & 8 (Windows 8 in Desktop mode apps only)

64 bit platforms: Windows 7 & 8 (Windows 8 in Desktop mode apps only), IBM AIX v6.1, Linux SUSE Linux Ent. Server v11.2, Sun Solaris 10, Apple Mac OS X v 10.7.2

JT Toolkit trial link

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2 thoughts about “Try the JT Toolkit for 60 days – Free
  • Question – 


    Can we customize the JT2GO interface using the JT open tool kit?


    For example, I would like to search for all PMI of a certain type ( say datums) using the API. Can I do that with this tool kit?


    Other thing I would like to do is to hide/delete the “canned” views ( ISO, FRONT, TOP etc.) and also create the snapshots ( thumbnail view) using this. 


    Has anyone customized JT2GO to make it user-friendly for a non-CAD consumer?

  • The JT Open Toolkit is a read / write API for JT file content but does not provide any UI capabilities. So, no, you cannot customize the JT2Go interface with the JT Open Toolkit.

    It is possible to customize the Ribbon and Quick Accessbar in JT2Go. Right mouse select in the ribbon to see the feature. We are working on a way to save customizations to the ribbon such that they can be shared between users.

    It is possible to create snapshots and filter PMI with JT2Go but users cannot save sessions, this feature is avaialble in the purschased versions of Teamcenter Visualization. Sessions saved with TC Vis can be viewed with JT2Go.

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