JT Unity Plugin for JT Open Program members

The JT Unity Plugin is a new tool for JT Open Program members. With the JT Unity plugin developers can dynamically load .jt files into a Unity game while the game is running. The …

JT Open TRB Meeting – Hosted by LEGO

The annual JT Open TRB Meeting was held on November 7, 8. We are grateful to LEGO for being such excellent hosts and accommodating us in their brand new House of Brick attraction and conference centr…

JT Open TRB Monthly Call – 2019-09-13

We have a lively call. Mike ZInk opened with updates on the JT Toolkit and the PLM JT Industry Council a Strategic Innovation Team within PLM World. There is a lot of excitement as we prepare for our…

JT Open TRB Monthly Call – March 2017

…where we learned about
the latest releases of JTTookit and JT2Go
the PLM JT Industry Council SIT
firmed up plans for the JT Open TRB Meeting at LEGO, Denmark

The slides from the m…

JT Open TRB Monthly Call

Our call was well-attended. Mike Zink provided updates on:

Releases of JT Open Toolkit and JT Utilities
ISO activities, including the forthcoming TC 184 / SC4 meeting
Activities of the PLM JT…

JT Open TRB Monthly Call

JT Open TRB Monthly Call

Welcome back after the long break.

Mike Zink provided an update:

JTOpen Toolkit is available for download
ISO JT Ed2 Draft International Standard ballot is compete

AMC Bridge: Enabling interoperability with JT cost-effectively

JT has become the trusted file format for sharing 3D models – with millions of JT files already in use by the automotive and aerospace industries alone. With the increasing popularity of JT, we expec…

Try the JT Toolkit for 60 days – Free

Try the JT Toolkit for 60 days – Free

Start your JT Toolkit trial today to explore how you build JT support into your products or use cases. The JT Toolkit is a read/write C++ API that enable access to all data found in a JT file.