Siemens and AWS are empowering operational excellence by optimizing data contextualization in manufacturing

By Kathleen Middleton

Siemens and AWS are taking the next step in their collaboration to deliver and take to market industrial applications to manufacturing customers. Siemens, a leading provider of industrial automation and software solutions, and AWS, a leading cloud services provider, have teamed up to harness operational excellence by simplifying industrial data contextualization for manufacturers. As an example of this collaboration, AWS and Siemens are teaming up to add Insights Hub to the Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) solutions. 

By combining Siemens’ deep industry knowledge with AWS’s cloud capabilities, we are not only addressing the immediate challenges organizations face in managing and contextualizing data but also laying down the foundational blocks for a future where data-driven decisions are at the core of manufacturing excellence.

Dr. Ralf M. Wagner, SVP Insights Hub, Siemens Digital Industries

Are you overwhelmed by your manufacturing data?

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, organizations face a different challenge in managing and making sense of the vast amounts of data generated across their operations. From the assembly line to the executive office, data streams in from various sources, including OT and IT systems. The volume, frequency, and variety of this data can be overwhelming, making it difficult to harness to its potential. Moreover, data silos and the lack of integration across different platforms complicate the landscape, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Due to these complexities, the strategic importance of data contextualization becomes imperative.  

Data contextualization is not just about managing this influx of information; it’s about making data meaningful and available for deriving actionable insights. By integrating and interpreting data within its specific operational context, organizations can unlock profound efficiencies, drive smarter decision-making, and empower innovation, turning challenges into competitive advantages in the manufacturing sector.  

Learn more about how Siemens and AWS are taking the next step in our collaboration to deliver and take to market industrial applications to manufacturing customers.

A revolutionary collaboration for optimizing data contextualization

Addressing these challenges requires a simple approach to data management and utilization. To tackle this, Siemens and AWS are collaborating to bring transformation technology for IT/OT convergence and data contextualization at optimized costs, high performance, and scalability. This collaboration is set to revolutionize how manufacturers approach data by providing an innovative application that allows customers to contextualize OT and IT data. By establishing relationships between information from disparate sources, this solution effectively dismantles data silos and integrates diverse data streams across the manufacturing ecosystem. 

Features of the collaborative data insights tool

The result of this collaboration between Siemens and AWS is more than a mere tool; it’s a pivotal element in the digital transformation journey of manufacturing firms. Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, it automates the data contextualization process, thereby streamlining the extraction of actionable insights. The solution is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and sophisticated visualization tools that simplify the exploration of complex data landscapes. This empowers users to make strategic, data-driven decisions in near real-time, significantly enhancing operational agility and competitiveness. 

Additionally, AWS and Siemens are collaborating to add Siemens Insights Hub in AWS’s Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) solutions to help customers create the modern industrial data architecture that enables scalable, unified, and integrated mechanisms. IDF facilitates design best practices for storage and easy accessibility of industrial data with interoperability between AWS Services and Siemens Insights Hub solutions. Details are planned to be released later this year. 

This collaboration combines Siemens’ industrial expertise and AWS’s culture of innovation to deliver secure, ready-to-deploy applications that drive operational excellence and accelerate time to value. Together, we’re excited to provide industrial customers with solutions that boost throughput, energy efficiency, cost savings, and quality. 

Michael MacKenzie, GM Industrial IoT and Edge, AWS

Bundled applications give you a jump start on data contextualization

As manufacturing organizations strive to identify ways to refine the core functionalities and systems in response to evolving customer needs and market trends, Siemens Insights Hub offers a wide range of industrial IoT applications and industry solutions built as cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) building blocks leveraging a common meta data model. Such offerings provide real-time visibility, decision-making tools, and the ability to improve operational decisions. By offering different bundles of end-user applications, customers can begin their journey based on their priorities. The bundles include “Sustainability & Optimize Energy Usage,” “Enhance Production Performance,” and “Optimize Operations” – and several applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Asset and Quality Optimization, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), efficient energy usage, carbon footprint, and Factory Digital Twins.  

For each of these bundles, operational data sets are contextualized as needed for each use case, such as quality traceability, energy reporting or digital twins. Using Siemens Insights Hub solutions, manufacturers can start small, and act fast with problem solving for their specific challenges, then quickly scale business outcomes across lines or plants.

Conclusion: The right tools make managing complex data a breeze

Manufacturers find great value in analytical use cases to optimize their production processes. A case in point is addressing production quality issues; the solution provided by Siemens and AWS provides a framework to contextualize and correlate data from diverse production systems, creating semantic of disparate data impacting quality performance that can more easily be visualized and analyzed. This capability allows for real-time tracking of materials and process parameters, streamlining data operations and driving down total ownership costs. 

In summary, managing and interpreting vast amounts of data in manufacturing is challenging yet doable with the right technologies and strategies. The collaboration between Siemens and AWS marks a significant milestone in the journey towards effective data contextualization. By leveraging this innovative solution, manufacturers can transform their data into a strategic asset, driving efficiency, innovation, and success in the digital age. 

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