Automate CAM programming, increase production efficiency and improve part quality

By Jason Meyers

Machine parts manufacturers of all sizes are looking for innovative ways to adapt to a shifting landscape. Customer requirements and government regulations are changing, lot sizes are shrinking and delivery timelines have gotten shorter.

Digital Part Production, a digital solution from Siemens, helps parts manufacturers big and small prepare for this new reality. In the latest webinar about Digital Part Production, a Siemens Digital Industries Software expert discusses a piece of this solution – Highly Automated CAM, which focuses on automating CAM programming to accelerate processes.

Automating part manufacturing with digital twins

Uwe Edlinger, the head of CAM business development at Siemens Digital Industries Software, opened up his talk with the challenges companies are facing and how the digital twin can help automate certain processes.

Using NX CAM programming automation in different situations

Not every parts manufacturer operates the same, however. Each company has different processes, machines and tools at its disposal, but software solutions like NX CAM have different modules that can be integrated into a single environment to streamline CAM programming.

Automated feature recognition for parts

NX CAM takes CAM programming automation to the next level with automated feature recognition. In this next video, Uwe Edlinger shows how the software recognizes different surfaces and tolerances on designed parts, accelerating the programming process.

NX CAM automation capabilities and features

The capabilities and features within NX CAM allow users to automate and streamline the machine parts manufacturing process. By taking advantage of Highly Automated CAM, parts manufacturers have been able to reduce CAM programming between 33 and 80 percent.

Watch the complete webinar on Highly Automated CAM

This collection of video clips is just a fraction of the topics covered in this webinar on Highly Automated CAM. Watch the entire webinar presentation and learn how to accelerate your time to delivery and improve overall quality with Digital Parts Production solutions from Siemens.

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