Connected CAD and CAM software avoids multiple data transfers, improves efficiency

By Jason Meyers

Machine parts manufacturers need new, innovative ways to become more efficient as lot sizes shrink and parts become more complex. Software solutions can help parts manufacturers move more quickly and get to market faster.

Digital part production, a digital solution from Siemens, helps manufacturers of all sizes produce sustainable, complex, high-quality parts and deliver on time. In the latest webinar about Digital Part Production, a panel of experts talks about a part of this solution, Synchronized Part Production, which brings design, simulation and manufacturing closer together.

Design, simulate and machine parts in one system

Chris Pennington, marketing manager for industrial machinery at Siemens Digital Industries Software, opened up the webinar by discussing how Synchronized Part Production brings CAD and CAM software together, minimizing data transfers and manual work.

Information flows from design to manufacturing and back

Digitalizing the production engineering function and integrating it with product design improves productivity and reduces raw materials inventory through a better flow of information. Ian Walls, a portfolio development executive for industrial machinery, discusses why parts manufacturers need to incorporate the manufacturing process early on if they want to realize those benefits.

Maintaining data integrity from design to scheduling

Integrating CAD and CAM software allows design information to inform and drive manufacturing engineering. From there, it’s ready to move to production scheduling. And because it’s all found within the same system, there’s no room for errors or data loss. Ian Walls goes into detail how this would look.

Get higher-quality parts with CAD and CAM software integration

When data seamlessly flows through the design and manufacturing processes, there are fewer opportunities for errors. Valentina Giovanna Lupo, quality management expert, drives this point home in the webinar.

Watch the complete webinar on Synchronized Part Production

This collection of video clips is just a fraction of the topics covered in this webinar on Syncrhonized Part Production. Watch the entire webinar presentation and learn how to accelerate your time to delivery and improve overall quality with Digital Parts Production solutions from Siemens.

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