SemiEngineering: Custom Designs, Custom Problems

By nileshthiagarajan

Excerpt from article: “Custom Designs, Custom Problems

You have to put margin in your architecture. You have to leave a configuration in the hardware that don’t think you need today in order to be able to do this stuff. We’re seeing a lot of that where the hardware is over-controllable. There are things you never expect to change, but you put them in there just in case. That’s true for AR/VR, AI, 5G — they all start to look like mini-processors with all of this re-routing, reconfiguration, reorganization, just just because you’re worried something might happen. Everyone would be happier if there was some way to go and simulate all of this in a way that you could really trust, where you have all the power data and you really understand everything and nothing’s going to change. But the reality that we face today is the hardware has to be built to be reprogrammed by software to fix all kinds of problems, including power.

Bryan Bowyer, director of engineering at Siemens EDA

Read the entire article on SemiEngineering originally published on September 16th, 2020.

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