Is your heavy equipment manufacturing using the right predictive performance tools?

By Beth Warner

Heavy equipment companies are improving their product development process with predictive performance engineering software and new digital technology.  

Many simulation and engineering teams within heavy equipment companies struggle with rising complexity. Does yours? What keeps you awake at night? It may include:

  • The massive introduction of new technologies
  • Your simulation team isolated in its own silo, without proper access to tested data
  • Poor assumptions about material properties, operational loads and boundary conditions
  • Lack of integration between disciplines, leading to lots of iterations and duplicate effort
  • Simulation results coming too late to drive design

How can you address these challenges?

Elevate performance engineering with an advanced simulation environment

Discover a solution for heavy equipment simulation that seamlessly integrates all performance engineering aspects.  Take advantage of a large variety of simulation capabilities and build a high-quality digital twin. With Siemens Simcenter 3D, you have new benefits at your fingertips including:

  • Easily and associatively connect multi-physics simulation to the CAD
  • Perform iterations faster, referring to a single data set via a common interface
  • Use data from any external source or system
  • Combine accuracy with simulation speed by using world-class solvers
  • Dive deep into the root cause of problems, study alternative solutions and propose countermeasures

Predictive performance engineering and testing solutions 

One example of Simcenter’s premier applications is the use of durability analysis to consider the impact of cyclic loading on fatigue life of components and welds.

Moving from CAD to such an analysis is possible. Check out this video to see Simcenter in action and discover how, with just a few clicks, you can make your design ready for the most advanced predictive performance engineering analyses:

Predictive performance solutions for heavy equipment structural integrity and durability

Software solutions for heavy equipment performance engineering

Simcenter can be used for a variety of heavy equipment engineering and design scenarios including:

  • Cabin comfort and safety
  • Structural integrity and durability
  • Thermal management
  • Autonomous operation

This series of white papers provide more details on these predictive performance solutions for the heavy equipment industry.

Heavy equipment manufacturers rely on Siemens software to develop smarter, safer and more eco-friendly equipment in a challenging global business landscape. Simcenter 3D allows you to increase performance engineering efficiency through design exploration and enhanced simulation methods, resulting in improved reliability and productivity, lower total project costs and more.

See for yourself with this self-paced, guided trial that allows you to take advanced simulation for a test drive.

Heavy equipment simulation trial image

For more detail read the ebook Predictive analytics software for the heavy equipment industry

Talk to an expert and learn more about how to gain a competitive edge and better performance prediction with heavy equipment.

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