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Article Roundup: SoC Debug, AI/ML, Model-Based Engineering, Automotive IC Test & EDA, IP Grow 16.3%

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  1. Debugging Complex SoCs
  2. Experts Weigh in on Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the Semiconductor Industry
  3. Model-Based Engineering for Wire Harness Manufacturing
  4. Automotive Market Pushing Test Tool Capabilities
  5. EDA, IP Grow 16.3%

Debugging Complex SoCs

As SoCs become more complex, the time required to debug chips is increasing based on data collected in the 2018 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study. What are the underlying trends, and what doesn’t the survey reveal? Experts, including Mentor’s Mark Olen, sit down to discuss.

Experts Weigh in on Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the Semiconductor Industry

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
EE Web

Read this four part mini-series recapping a lively panel discussion on AI and ML from the latest DVCon U.S.. Mentor’s Jean-Marie Brunet moderated a panel of experts including Raymond Nijssen, vice president and chief technologist at Achronix; Rob Aitken, fellow and director of technology at Arm; Alex Starr, senior fellow at AMD; Ty Garibay, vice president of hardware engineering at Mythic; and Saad Godil, director of Applied Deep Learning Research at Nvidia.

Model-Based Engineering for Wire Harness Manufacturing
US Tech

Modern cars, trucks, and other vehicles feature an ever-increasing number of sophisticated electrical and electronic features, placing a larger burden on the wiring harness that enables these new features. As complexity rises, current harness manufacturing methods are struggling to keep pace due to manual data exchanges and the inability to capture tribal knowledge. A model-based wire harness manufacturing engineering flow automates data exchange and captures tribal knowledge through design rules to help harness manufacturers improve harness quality and boost efficiency.

Automotive Market Pushing Test Tool Capabilities

IC test plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of automotive electronics, and thus meeting guidelines such as ISOO 26262. As the complexity of automotive chips has continued to increase, IC test has evolved to continue to meet the requirements of ISO 26262. This article discusses three such areas where test capabilities have increase.

EDA, IP Grow 16.3%

EDA and IP revenue saw a notable increase in Q1, with all regions reporting increased revenues. This indicates a recovery from Q4 of 2018 in which the entire industry experienced reduced revenue. What isn’t shown in the market report, according to Wally Rhines, is the 18.3% growth of license and maintenance revenue, the largest ever in a quarter.

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