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Arm DevSummit

By Colin Walls

This week is the Arm DevSummit. This event was originally planned to take place in San Jose, California, but was unsurprisingly “virtualized” – like so many other conferences etc. it will take place online. I have presented at this conference many times over the years in the various forms that it has taken and this year is no exception.

My session is at 11:30 [Pacific] on Wednesday 7 October:

Hypervisor vs. Multicore Framework: Which is Better for Your Design?

Multicore embedded systems are becoming increasingly common. The most popular software architecture is Asymmetric MultiProcessing (AMP), where each core runs its own operating system or may have no OS at all. Such systems generally need some overall supervisory software that provides control of boot order and inter-core communication and security. There are broadly two options: a hypervisor or a multicore framework, such as those based on the OpenAMP standard. This session explores the characteristics of these two approaches and outlines their pros and cons, leading to guidance on making a choice.

Do tune in, if you can. The conference will be accessible from anywhere. If you would like a copy of my slides, please contact me by email or via social media.

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