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Embedded Online Conference

By Colin Walls

We are living in interesting times. The word “interesting” can have many nuances. Normally, I think of interesting stuff as a source of fascination – I do think that we live in a fascinating era. However, just now, I think another meaning of the word comes to mind: challenging. I am not about to moan about the current issues; indeed I have looked at some of the positive angles before. What I am pondering is the prospects for technical conferences going forward …

There are countless events around the world that have been postponed or cancelled in recent weeks. Some are going “virtual” – becoming an online event that can be accessed from anywhere. Although not always a perfect replacement for face to face communication, the various online meeting systems can often do a very satisfactory job. For many years we have been running “webinars” – short [60-90 minutes] seminar sessions with a presentation and Q&A. These are always popular and are an extremely efficient way to get to a wide, but relevant audience.

Last year [well before the current crisis was anticipated], I was approached with a request for my participation in a conference with a difference – it would, from the outset, be online only. I readily agreed to take part and momentum for the Embedded Online Conference has been growing steadily since then, with the event premiering on Wednesday 20 May. On that day [and for some time afterwards] registered attendees will be able to play as many sessions as they want – much more flexible than with a “real” conference, where being in two places at once can be a challenge. On the day itself, there will be the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

My session is:

Operating Systems for Embedded Applications

Most modern embedded applications employ and operating system of some sort. We will look at how operating systems work – the scheduler and various services provided by an OS to the application code – and at the options open for OS selection. We will also compare the use of commercial, open source and in-house products and consider multicore.

To attend the conference, you need to register in advance. There is a modest charge, but, if you are quick, you can use the coupon code here and get complimentary registration.

If you are attending the conference, I hope that you will give my session a try. If you would like a copy of my materials, please contact me by email or via social media.


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