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Embedded multicore webinar – mixed criticality

By Colin Walls

Next week – Wednesday 29 May – I am presenting a technical webinar, looking at multicore issue. In particular, we will be looking at a number of benefits of a multicore design including how it can help reduce certification costs and effort …

Here is the abstract:

Embedded multicore: enablement of heterogeneous OSes and mixed criticality systems

The use of multicore SoCs in embedded designs is on the increase and there are multiple incentives for this design decision. In this technical webinar, we will review the available multicore architectures and show how they are leveraged with a selection of software configurations. The use of multiple operating systems on heterogeneous multicore devices will be explored, and how this facilitates the design of systems with multiple time domains – basically real-time and non-real-time components. Additionally, the concept of mixed criticality will be introduced – a design approach for systems where safety and certifiability are key requirements. Certification effort and costs can be minimized, while still meeting the requirements of the worldwide authorities.

If you would like to attend, or would like to receive details of the recording after the event, please register here. A big advantage of attending “live” is the Q&A session at the end; although this is included in the recording, it can be useful to pose your own questions.

If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact me via email or via social media.

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