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10 years and 1000 blogs

By Colin Walls

This day is one of celebration! And I invite you to raise a glass – a metaphorical one, at least – to mark an anniversary. It was in 2008 that Mentor’s IT and Corporate Marketing departments jointly decided to implement a blogging facility, so that a number of employees could talk to the world and, hopefully, raise more awareness of the company’s products and expertise. The system went live in early 2009 and I was one of those selected to be inaugural bloggers. And I have been doing it ever since …

I already had some experience of blogging in my personal life [and still do], so I was well aware of what was required. I knew that a key thing in the success of a blog was consistency: regular postings with a theme. I decided that I would establish a default posting schedule: Monday and Thursday each week; typically I would actually write the blogs on a Wednesday. Of course, sometimes I would miss one [I am allowed vacation!] or post something extra. I also figured that, to build some kind of following, I would need to appeal to people not too different from myself. So, I established a pattern where each week I would post one “on topic” [embedded software] blog and another on some other topic that was on my mind.

My first posting was published on 6 May 2009. So, I have been turning them out for 10 years! The time seems to have flown by; I have seen many changes in my personal life and quite a few in my professional world. As you can easily calculate, 2 posts per week for 10 years adds up to about 1000 posts, which is around half a million words!

The Mentor blogging facility is quite sophisticated. When I publish a blog, it goes live immediately [or when I schedule it] to my personal blog, here. If I tag a posting appropriately, it gets “promoted” to the Embedded Systems blog here, which also receives contributions from others.

It takes work to create 2 postings every week, but, fortunately, I enjoy writing and do not find it too onerous. I also post periodic blogs on some external sites, where I have been invited to make a contribution. From time to time, I post about a topic and realize that it could be expanded to a full-sized article, a conference paper or a webinar. I also make frequent [YouTube] videos that are inspired by blog posts. I keep notes on future blog topics, but I very much welcome suggestions by email or via social media.

So, what now? At this point I should be saying something like “Here’s to the next 1000 posts!”. However, that is not realistic. I will be continuing my blog for the indefinite future, until either someone decides that I should stop or my employment terminates. I think that the former is reasonably unlikely. The latter will occur at sometime – hopefully when I will retire, which will be sometime in the next few years. In any case, I guess that I will not be celebrating 20 years of posting and 2000 blogs in 2029!

In the meantime, if you are a regular or occasional reader, thanks for your time. I always appreciate comments, feedback and suggestions. It is nice to know that there is someone out there!


2 thoughts about “10 years and 1000 blogs
  • Hello Colin,
    Congratulations on this tremendous feat.
    I have often read your blogs and found them to be useful for their unique content about embedded systems. Thanks for doing it for so long.
    Hope you keep at it for the next 1000!

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