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Embedded Conference Scandinavia ’17

By Colin Walls

This week, I am making my annual pilgrimage to Stockholm, Sweden for the Embedded Conference Scandinavia [ECS], which takes place in the high-tech district, Kista. This is a well-run technical conference with an associated trade-show. Most years, I have had 2-3 papers accepted. This year, I am going to be busy, as I have 5 presentations to make …

Here are my sessions:


11:00 – Selecting an Embedded Operating System
14:00 – Writing Reliable Code with MISRA C
15:30 – Dynamic Memory Allocation & Fragmentation in C & C++


09:15 – How to Measure RTOS Performance
15:30 – Self-testing in Embedded Systems

If you are attending the event, do stop by to say Hi [or “Hej!” even].

If you would like a copy of any of my presentations, please contact me by email or via social media.

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