A Reddit AMA – come along and ask me anything about embedded software or whatever …

In the UK, it is well known that an early sign of being old is making the observation “don’t the policemen look young”. As I am an advocate of the “60 is the new 40” concept [even though I have a couple of years to go], I like to think of myself as being up to date on most things. However, there are some areas of life that challenge me. Clothes fashion is one [that has always been the case – nothing to do with age!]; social networking is another …

It is not that I dislike social networking – quite the reverse. I enjoy being in touch with people and making new connections. My issue is that the “flavor of the month” seems to change an amazing rate [just like clothes fashions] and often for no obvious reason [ditto]. Anyone remember MySpace and Yahoo IM? I am a keen user of Facebook and LinkedIn and tweeting has been known to occur. And I still feel that, properly used, email is an excellent written communications channel. But no, I believe that I am supposed to use Instagram and WhatsApp nowadays, even though they have less functionality than their predecessors.


A social networking platform that has become more significant lately is Reddit. Broadly speaking, Reddit is a place to share stuff and then chat about and comment on it in a context of “communities”. It also offers the opportunity for broader discussion via AMA [“Ask Me Anything”] sessions. I thought that it might be interesting to host one of those …

So, you have an opportunity to literally ask me anything. I anticipate that it will be about embedded software, but please do not feel constrained to purely that topic. I am happy to chat about anything [well, almost anything!]. The session will take place live on Thursday 19 February at 09:00 PST [which is 12:00 EST, 17:00 GMT and 18:00 CET]. I anticipate being online for about an hour, but will check back in the day or so after the session.

You need to set up a Reddit account to participate, but that is free, of course, and only takes moments. To join my AMA session, you will need to follow this link.

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