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A date at DATE [the software perspective on virtual prototyping]

By Colin Walls

This week I am crossing to the Dark Side. I am a software engineer, but I work for an EDA company, which, although committed to supporting embedded software development, is dominated by hardware design knowledge and culture. There is always a kind of tension between hardware and software designers and I feel it is likely to be for ever thus. This week I am attending an event which is entirely focused on EDA – DATE 2014 in Dresden, Germany.

For those not familiar with this conference, it is essentially the European version of DAC, but on a smaller scale. I have not “changed sides”, but I was invited to participate in a panel session looking at virtual prototyping. I am the “token software guy” and hope to bring a slightly different perspective. We shall see.

If you are going to DATE, you might like to stop by and say “guten tag”. Otherwise, if you wanted a copy of the [few] slides that I get to present – “Virtual Prototyping: The Software Perspective” – please email.

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