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After Design West

By Colin Walls

Back from my travels, so a brief post painting with my impressions of last week’s event …

Design West [which I guess should now be called something different, as Design East has gone – preferably go back to it being Embedded Systems Conference] consisted of the conference itself and the trade show alongside. The show part seems to have been getting smaller each year. Although I have not seen the visitor numbers, it also felt quieter. The conference was another matter entirely …

As I wrote about last week, I was making 2 presentations, both of which were quite early in the morning, which concerned me. My concern was unfounded.

The first one – “Ten Languages in 45 Minutes” – was well organised and led by Clive “Max” Maxwell. Each presenter got exactly 4 minutes against the clock. Most of the guys handled this very well, although a couple had far too many slides – I had just 3. It was quite frantic and high energy. The most surprising thing was the audience. There were best part of 100 people there at 8:30 in the morning!

I was then quite optimistic for my other session – RTOS performance measurement – the following day. I was not disappointed. I had 40 or so people, which was very acceptable. The previous speaker, who had started at 8:00, had nearer 70 seats filled!

So, I can conclude that ESC is alive and well and I very much hope that I have the chance to participate again next year.

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