Built-in Security Equals Peace of Mind

By Matt Walsh
Siemens helps our customers achieve their cybersecurity goals by creating a starting point for more comprehensive security discussions.

The cybersecurity landscape continues to rapidly evolve, with resultant vulnerabilities too often headline news. Who can forget Log4j?

Facing this complex landscape takes more than checking a box. Over a Siemens history that spans 175 years, security has become part of our DNA. As a company, we experience firsthand the same challenges our EDA customers face and thus we’ve become highly attuned to cybersecurity threats. A key guiding principle to our product development is to build security in, not bolt it on as an afterthought. We understand the importance of adopting industry-leading security practices and the technologies needed to develop best-in-class products. Further, as our product solutions increasingly take advantage of the public cloud to augment and extend the capabili­ties of our desktop offerings, protecting customer data throughout its lifecycle is paramount.

Protecting data from cybersecurity threats

Siemens EDA provides two excellent resources that give greater clarity regarding how we help our customers achieve their security goals:

  1. The Modern day security practices safeguard a digital transformation white paper provides an overview of the foundation elements to our security strategy including our Secure Software Development Lifecycle process, our vigilant oversight of the entire product lifecycle, and how these measures translate to developing your products with Siemens secure EDA solutions.
  2. The Siemens Trust Center is a one-stop resource for policy, compliance, transparency, availability, service, and other informa­tion regarding how we protect customer data in compliance with global security standards.

Peace of Mind. Siemens is on the shortlist of companies with the focus and ability to invest in security, resources, processes, technology, and expertise at a scale capable of assessing and responding to the ever-changing cyber threats the world faces today. For these reasons and many more, tens of thousands of companies worldwide have trusted Siemens EDA for the tools they rely on to create innovative products today.

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