Schematic Capture Enhancements in Xpedition® – VX.2.7

The latest release of Xpedition® VX.2.7  is enhanced with many new Schematic Capture features that improve both product usability and efficiency. It also includes key updates, enhancements and ideas submitted by our user community. From component placement to sketch planning and beyond, this release is packed with new features across the software as a whole, helping engineers and designers create industry leading electronics products faster!

Featured Schematic Capture Highlights: 

UI and Usability Improvements: This release contains multiple usability improvements. Grid options, tab closures, and keyboard shortcuts are enhanced and made simpler. Click here to watch video now.

Schematic-Level Pin Type in DRC Verify: Designer verify now analyzes the schematic-level (and block-level) pin type, rather than only analyzing the symbol pin type. The priority order is: Instance > Block > Symbol. The tool also supports pin type overrides from I/O Optimizer. This enables you to make use of any pin type changes directly from your schematic. Click here to watch video now.

Identify PartQuest Parts In Your Design: New additions to the Partlister definition files create a report showing which parts in a design have been created using PartQuest. Click here to watch video now.

If you would like a preview of all of the what’s new videos, please feel free to check out the What’s New in Xpedition® VX.2.7 webpage. Mentor customers should refer to the Release Highlights on Support Center for detailed information regarding all new features and enhancements.

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