What’s New in PADS VX.2.5: Starpoints!

By Shivani Joshi

Designers are always looking for ways to efficiently use their board space without causing DRC violations. One way they can accomplish this: Starpoints.

Designers typically use a starpoint to provide a single common connection point for multiple grounds in a mixed design that has both analog and digital ground nets. The starpoint allows the different ground nets to short at only one pin, keeping them separated in the rest of the design; helping reduce the possibility of creating unwanted ground loops and EMI radiation.

The latest update of PADS Professional allows for starpoint creation in a schematic that can easily be passed to layout. Once the design is forward annotated to layout, the starpoint can be placed like a component.

Want to learn more about this feature and others in PADS Professional VX.2.5? Go to the What’s New page or download the latest update on Support Center.

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