It’s Easier (and Less Expensive) to Check for Differential Pairs than You Think!

As a layout engineer, you have mastered the art of multitasking. You are thinking about board real estate, manufacturing costs, and a thousand different variables that could affect your design.

Wouldn’t it be nice to check for impedance deviations in high-speed differential nets automatically? Well, the HyperLynx DRC Free Edition has a rule that can do just that. Simply enter the target differential impedance and the tolerable deviation for your design, and HyperLynx DRC will highlight all the nets that have differential impedance outside the allowed values.

So why waste your time manually inspecting differential pairs? With the Free Edition of HyperLynx DRC you’ll have more time to do what you’d rather be doing, laying out and routing those nets.

Download the free edition and run this check on your design! Get HyperLynx DRC for free.

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